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Periscope Ideas
seeing a little further.

Periscope Ideas incubates technology companies. We’re working on Apps, ecommerce and B2B software.



We love creating great products and driving growth via online marketing.

Eugene K

Eugene K

Head Designer

Eugene is our design guru who works hard to create interfaces that don’t require thinking.

Elle Anderson

Elle Anderson

Office Manager

Where would we be without our guardian angel Elle? As office manager, she keeps everything ticking like a Swiss watch. As social director, she is first in line for Friday drinks.

alex hunter

alex hunter


Alex is the Founder and acts as Product Owner on all projects we work on.

Alex M

Alex M

Video/Audio Expert

Alex is an expert in video/audio processing. Software he created has been acquired by Google and another related to “on-the-fly” video processing is in long-term use by the BBC.

Kseniia C

Kseniia C

Project Manager

Kseniia has been working in information technology for 7+ years, after completion of university studies. Covering a variety of business domains, she has strong expertise with business analysis, product management, team leadership and project management in relation to SDLC. 100% of the projects Kseniia managed are in production and had teams of 3 – 10 software developers / QA engineers.
Dmitriy R

Dmitriy R

Backend Developer

Started with web applications development in 2010. Has 5+ years of experience, working on production grade, high-load projects, working remotely and on-site (Europe, US). Able to solve most complex technical issues and architect a stable, large scale & high load applications, including multi app RESTful API products (web, iOS, Android). Team and technical lead, with solid experience in DevOps.

years experience in online ads




What We Do

We use our expertise in online & viral marketing to launch apps and ecommerce companies.

We’re experts in acquiring customers via search & content marketing platforms.


We start with disruptive ideas and use in-house teams to move from concept to prototype to marketing testing.


Once we have a production stage idea, our media buying experts accelerate growth with smart targeted online ad campaigns.


We obsessively optimize the campaign to raise CLV (customer lifetime value) and decrease CAC (customer acquisition cost).

Our Projects